Bragg Marine Consultants Inc. - DP Experience World-Wide
  Bragg Marine is pleased to continue to provide DP Consultant  assistance to the Offshore Industry. We have supplied  numerous crew  to companies requiring experienced and knowledgeable operators in the past and now we have a full contingent of  Fully Qualified DP Operator/Consultants for all aspects of the industry we fully vet all Consultants and verify their experience and references  ALWAYS  . Bragg Marine  can conduct in house DP Competency training to increase the level of professionalism within any Fleet as recommended by DNV over 15 years ago.
 Bragg Marine is pleased to announce that they have assisted MPT Institute of Florida, USA for the process of their initialising their DP simulator and accreditation for the NI. Bragg Marine shall provide course materials and trainers for the initial set up of the courses.  Capt. Ted Morley and his staff at MPT will be on the leading edge of course presentation with their new MT simulator, and we all look forward to their continued success in the training of  seafarers to the  high standard for which they have become recognized for  in the industry.
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